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Dear Leslie,

I just have to tell you what happened after I saw your design work for the first time. I had just ordered 1,000 color cards (same price you were charging) and after seeing your work I tossed them into the garbage can because I just knew I wouldn’t be passing out the right card if I kept them. Your layout and design and card stock was so much better, I asked the person who showed them to me where he got them and placed my order with you the next morning.

Having a card of this caliber that jumps out at you and tells a message all at the same time is crucial, for a businessman. I guess I didn’t know what high quality really was until I saw your cards!

You have a customer for life Leslie, and I know all my business associates feel the same way.  Thank you for the outstanding work Leslie, working with you has been fun as well. You have a customer for life.


Best regards,

—Ken Welke

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